A 74-year-old Florida man allegedly told an American Airlines flight attendant that he loved the scent of her perfume — and proceeded to grope her crotch.

Gary Matthew Sorichetti was arrested Thursday on federal charges of abusive sexual contact for his alleged behavior aboard a flight from Sarasota, Florida, to Charlotte, North Carolina, according to a probable cause complaint obtained by The Post.

The accused sicko — described as a “large man” assigned to seat 23C — stood up on the flight on Feb. 28, 2020, to allow a fellow passenger to take the window spot as the flight attendant, identified as SJ, opened the lavatory door to give him room to maneuver, the document states.

“As Sorichetti stood up, he backed up into SJ and multiple times stated, ‘Am I squishing you, are you squishing me?’ in a playful not concerned tone,” according to the complaint.

When he asked for a seatbelt extender, she told him that she could move him to another seat to give him more room once boarding was completed.

But when he stood up to make the change later, he placed both hands on her hips for a few seconds, the feds say.

She went to a colleague and told them that the passenger was being “a bit weird,” the feds say.

When she returned, she noticed that the passenger was sitting next to her jump seat, so she suggested that he move to another seat, but he allegedly said, “Oh, I’m happy and lucky to sit back here with you.”

When she sat down for takeoff, he said, “You look scared,” according to the document.

“I don’t look scared,” she said.

The passenger then told her, “I love the smell of your perfume.”

“Thank you,” she answered.

He continued to pepper her with questions, asking her, “Where are you from, where do you live?”

“Georgia,” she said, lying about her hometown.

During a brief delay for departure, the flight attendant assisted other passengers.

“Why do you keep walking around, why don’t you sit down?” the man asked, but she ignored his incessant pestering.

When she returned to her jump seat for takeoff, Sorichetti remarked, “Oh, I smell that perfume.”

He then allegedly stretched an arm across her legs and up her thigh and touched her crotch.

“Don’t do that,” she said and he removed his hand, the complaint says.

An arrest warrant for Sorichetti was issued March 4, 2021, and he was taken into custody on April 27, 2023, more than two years later, according to the Daily Beast.

It was not immediately clear why it took so long to arrest him.

The Post has reached out to American Airlines for comment.