Video shot by a news helicopter captured the heart-pounding moment a civilian police volunteer collapsed to the ground after being repeatedly stung by a swarm of angry bees terrorizing a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Fox 11’s SkyFox was over the Encino neighborhood late Monday afternoon when it captured the dramatic bee attack.

A uniformed volunteer with the Los Angeles Police Department was scrambling to climb into his marked car around 4 p.m. when the bees swarmed him.

In the footage, the man is seen frantically swatting at the insects buzzing around his face and desperately tries to get away from them.

After being repeatedly stung, he loses his balance and falls to the ground, smashing his head against the asphalt, resulting in cuts.  

The man is then seen moving his legs and struggling to pull himself up.

“This is not a normal behavior for these bees to be this angry, to want to kill you,” said Izak Kharrazi of All Valley Honey & Bee, an insect removal company called in to help with the situation told CBS News Los Angeles

Kharrazi also described the “cloud of hundreds of bees” as being “mad as could be.”

The LAPD said the volunteer was hospitalized in stable condition after being stung dozens of times.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, another man who was working on a house in the area also suffered multiple bee stings.

Police sealed off the neighborhood and ordered residents to stay indoors with all doors and windows shut until bee handlers arrived to remove the insects.

It is believed all the bees came from a large hive at a home in the neighborhood which was undergoing renovations.

A bee expert said workers fixing the property may have gotten too close to the hive, which sent hundreds and possibly thousands of bees into a frenzy.