He wanted to get inside ASAP.

A$AP Rocky stunned crowds on Monday evening when he jumped a barricade outside New York City’s Carlyle Hotel ahead of the Met Gala.

Viral video shared by the NFR Podcast shows crowds gathered outside the ritzy hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of celebs inside the venue preparing for the famed fashion gala.

The rapper — who is dating Rihanna and expected to attend the event — went incognito among the throng of fans, clad in a black hoodie and dark sunglasses.

The footage shows A$AP subsequently jumping the barricade and pulling down his hoodie to reveal his identity.

He then gave a cheeky wave to stunned fans before strolling nonchalantly into the Carlyle Hotel.

It’s unclear why the “Praise the Lord” hitmaker was in the crowd in the first place, but it was perhaps a stunt designed to garner publicity.

The Post has reached out to A$AP’s reps for comment.

While jumping the barricade, however, the viral video showed A$AP hitting a female fan, knocking the glasses off her face.

Some Twitter pundits were left unimpressed by the musician entering the Carlyle in such an unorthodox manner.

“If he broke her glasses, he needs to pay,” one wrote. “As a blind bat without my glasses or contact lenses — pay me what you owe me, A$AP Rocky.”

“Girl missed a golden opportunity to stomp on her glasses and sue A$AP Rocky for a cool 100k,” another opined.