A top dog in the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau allegedly sat on the desks of two female employees with a visibly erect penis — and asked one of them if she was “horny,” one of the victims and her attorney said. 

Brian Adams was accused of sexual harassment in complaints with the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Division, according to the pair and a police source. 

“There were times that he would come to my cubicle and to another young lady’s space and sit on our desks with his legs wide open, exposing his erection,” said one of the victims, who asked to remain anonymous.

The sick behavior allegedly took place at the unit’s ground-floor office in headquarters at One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan starting in June 2022.

Once, Adams, 51, was in a car with the victim when he allegedly asked her “if I was horny and if I was married,” the victim said. 

On Aug. 16, 2022, the day after a witness was interviewed about the allegations, police sources said, employees received a stern warning from brass: “The business of Community Affairs is the business of Community Affairs,” Deputy Chief Maximo Tolentino said, according to a recording shared with The Post. “You should not be discussing what happens in here with anybody else.”

A few months after that meeting, the employee who had the allegedly disturbing car ride with Adams was fired as her probation was to expire. 

The second woman withdrew her complaint for unknown reasons, the source said.

An attorney hired by the fired worker said he’s prepared to sue the NYPD. “After my client engaged in protected activity by reporting the sex harassment, she was retaliated against,” said Joshua Friedman, of Phillips & Associates. “When she didn’t quit, steps were taken to fabricate reasons to terminate her.” He said they told her she wasn’t qualified.

Adams didn’t immediately respond to a voicemail seeking comment, but the NYPD sent a statement saying it takes sexual harassment allegations seriously and investigates all complaints. It did not comment on specific allegations.

“The NYPD thoroughly investigates all complaints it receives, and offers several reporting options for NYPD employees, including anonymously,” the statement said. “We will review the lawsuit if and when we are served.”