A Florida man was arrested Friday after the stench of his mother’s decomposing body alerted cops to the bloated corpse he was hiding inside her home, court documents show.

Justin Carver, 36, was charged with failing to report the death of his 55-year-old mother Layni Carver, who had filed a no-contact order against her son weeks before her death.

Police arrived at the Carvers’ Punta Gorda home just before 5 p.m. after a concerned friend told officers Layni’s phone had been directed to voicemail every day that week, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Post.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies noticed a “foul odor” emanating from the southwestern Florida house and flies congregating on the door.

After getting no response at the front and back doors, the officers searched the perimeter of the house and noticed Justin Carver laying down in a bed inside. Only when the cops began rapping on the window did he open the door.

Carver “immediately closed the door behind him” before he “sat himself down on the top stair of the doorway and was staring at the ground,” the affidavit claims.

The deputies promptly clocked Carver’s “evasive” behavior and asked to see the inside of the home, but he tried to keep them outside by allegedly lying about locking the door behind him.

Carver eventually relented and let the officers inside, where they found Layni’s body on her bedroom floor between the bed and the wall, the documents said.

She “was starting to bloat, with marbled skin, and apparent skin slippage,” according to the affidavit.

Carver allegedly initially claimed he hadn’t seen his mother since speaking to her earlier in the week before admitting he found her body two days earlier, but wasn’t supposed to be at the home because Layni had taken out a no-contact order against him.

When asked why he hadn’t reported his mother’s death, Carver allegedly stated: “I don’t know” while shrugging his shoulders.

Layni’s cause of death — and her son’s potential involvement in it — has yet to be determined.

Carver is being held at the Charlotte County Jail.